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Best Hernia Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Dr. Bharat Shah is one of India's top hernia surgeons and a senior consultant in laparoscopic and metabolic surgery. He has been using keyhole surgery to transform lives. He has performed laparoscopic hernia surgeries and has practical expertise in laparoscopic surgery in top hospitals all over India. doctors from around the have received laparoscopic surgical training from Dr. Bharaat Shah, particularly in laparoscopic hernia surgery.The best hernia surgeon in Ahmedabad and the laparoscopic surgery hospital in Ahmedabad with an experienced gastroenterology team are both located at Navkar Surgical Hospital .

A hernia is when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes abnormally through a weak place in the cavity's wall and escapes where it shouldn't. A hernia can develop when an organ or piece of tissue is forced through a weakness or opening in the muscle or fascia as a result of pressure. The groyne, the umbilicus, the location of an earlier abdominal incision, etc. are examples of weak points. Hernias can result from anything that increases pressure in the abdomen, such as chronic coughing or sneezing, constipation or diarrhoea, carrying heavy objects, etc. Obesity, smoking, and poor diet are a few things that might weaken muscles and increase the risk of hernias. Other risk factors for hernias include peritoneal disease, COPD, and pregnancy.

  • The founding mission of Navkar Surgical Hospital was to provide patients with high-quality surgical care with an emphasis on patient disease knowledge, ethical protocol-based management, and comprehensive healthcare. Dr. Bharat Shah, the inspiration behind Navkar Surgical Hospital, had this idea in mind.
  • Laparoscopic Using a device known as a laparoscope, a hernia surgeon performs the procedure. Through tiny abdominal incisions, a laparoscope is inserted.
  • Hernias typically appear in the groyne area of the abdomen. A localised hole or defect that develops from a weakening in the abdominal wall may allow the abdominal organs or adipose tissue to protrude. There are various forms of hernias. Hernias may not be fatal, but if left untreated, they persist. In order to avoid potentially severe complications, hernia surgery might be necessary.
  • in Ahmedabad for the best hernia surgery? hernia surgeries involving laparoscopic surgery have been completed successfully by Dr. Bharat Shah. Are you looking for the top hernia surgeon in Ahmedabad? Laparoscopic hernia expert Dr. Bharat Shah has performed successful hernia operations. Browse profiles.
  • Dr. Bharat Shah performs all types of advanced laparoscopy surgery, including abdominal hernia repair, GI surgery, gallbladder stone removal, colorectal & anorectal surgery, including minimally invasive procedures, anal fissure & fistula repair, gastro surgery, thyroid, piles, trauma, and general surgery in Ahmedabad, as well as Best Surgical Hospital in Ahmedabad .
  • Hernias need to be addressed because they can lead to a variety of additional issues, such as blockages that impede blood flow to the organ and impact how well it functions. Hernias that have strangled blood flow need to be removed right away since they could become life-threatening. When standing, walking, or leaning over to lift things for an extended period of time, a hernia produces pain and discomfort in the abdominal region.

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Best Hernia Surgeon in Ahmedabad


Since the establishment of his practice in 1986, Dr. Bharat shah, the best gastric treatment Doctor in Ahmedabad. He has helped numerous individuals control and overcome their gastrointestinal problems with surgery. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1981 from the B J Medical College, Ahmedabad. He did his M.S from N.H.L Municipal College, Ahmedabad in 1986.