Laparoscopy Doctor in Ahmedabad

Laparoscopy Doctor in Ahmedabad

Abdominal procedures have undergone a revolution with the introduction of laparoscopic surgery. Initially used only for diagnostic purposes, it has quickly acquired acceptance for the treatment of gallstone disease and appendicitis , becoming the go-to option for these illnesses. Today, practically all abdominal procedures may be performed safely using the laparoscopic technique in the hands of skilled surgeons after careful patient selection and advancements in surgical instrumentation and competence. All of this has resulted in a low threshold for surgical therapy for numerous illnesses because laparoscopic operations have considerably reduced the morbidity associated with surgery. All kinds of laparoscopic operations are well within the scope of Dr. Bharat Shah expertise. He is among the top laparoscopic surgeons.

Laparoscopic surgery, sometimes known as "minimally invasive" surgery, is a specialised method for carrying out surgery. The surgeon enters the abdomen by a single incision during traditional "open" surgery. Numerous 0.5–1 cm incisions are required for laparoscopic surgery. A "port" is the name given to each cut. During the process, specialised tools and a specialised camera known as a laparoscope are passed through the ports. In order to give the surgeon a workspace and a clear vision throughout the procedure, the abdomen is first inflated with carbon dioxide gas. High-definition video monitors in the operating area get images from the abdominal cavity via the laparoscope. The surgeon keeps an eye on the monitor during the procedure as it shows detailed views of the abdomen. The surgeon can use this technology to carry out the same procedures as with conventional surgery, however.

  • A medical procedure called laparoscopic surgery is done to look at the organs inside the stomach. It is very well-liked because it is a secure and minimally intrusive procedure. Ahmedabad-based laparoscopic surgeons claim that only little incisions are necessary. A long, thin tube called a laparoscope is utilised during the surgery. After making an incision, the laparoscope is introduced into the belly, and the camera transmits the images to a video monitor. Without doing an open surgery, surgeons can view the inside of your abdomen in real time. We shall examine some of the advantages of laparoscopy in this piece, but first, let's understand why it is done.
  • Laparoscopic surgery usually result in less pain, a better recovery, and less scarring for patients than normal open surgery. Regular use of the laparoscopic method can greatly reduce the number of open surgery issues including large post - operative herniation and intestinal adhesions that cause intestinal obstruction (blockage of the intestinal passage), which requires surgical management. Also, laparoscopic surgery preserves the abdominal wall's integrity, keeping it in the greatest possible functioning condition (which is required for body movements like getting up from lying and bending down position). Laparoscopic surgery also offers numerous functional benefits in addition to aesthetic benefits.
  • In the hands of a skilled surgeon, laparoscopic surgery is just as secure as open surgery. To decide whether laparoscopic surgery can be done safely, the surgeon first looks at the abdomen. In order to do the procedure properly, the surgeon might need to create a wider incision if there is a lot of inflammation present or if they run into other circumstances that make it difficult for them to see the tissues well. Any intestinal surgery carries a number of potential dangers, including anesthesia-related issues, bleeding, and infectious issues. The nature of the specific operation influences the risk of every given procedure in part. The risk of any procedure is also influenced by a person's overall health and other medical issues. You should talk to your surgeon about your

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Laparoscopy Doctor in Ahmedabad


Since the establishment of his practice in 1986, Dr. Bharat shah, the best gastric treatment Doctor in Ahmedabad. He has helped numerous individuals control and overcome their gastrointestinal problems with surgery. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1981 from the B J Medical College, Ahmedabad. He did his M.S from N.H.L Municipal College, Ahmedabad in 1986.