Piles Specialist in Ahmedabad

Piles Specialist in Ahmedabad

One of the top piles hospitals in Ahmedabad, Navkar Surgical Hospital is a doctor near me for piles treatment. Every year, people search for a piles specialist in Ahmedabad , Gujarat, and complain to us of painless bleeding from the anal area and anal itching. The best doctor for piles in Ahmedabad, Dr. Bharat Shah. Patients who underwent surgery at Navkar Surgical Hospital claim that Dr. Bharat Shah is the top doctor in Gujarat's Ahmedabad for the treatment of piles.For many years, Navkar Surgical Hospital has been dedicated to giving patients the best possible care. We offer Piles treatment for piles that is comfortable and provides the best outcomes.

Hemorrhoids may also be referred to as Piles. Piles are vascular structures that aid in controlling bowel movements in the anal canal. When bloated or irritated, they develop pathologically or into piles. They function as a cushion in their natural condition and are made up of connective tissue and arterio-venous channels (blood vessels). While the precise aetiology of Piles is yet unknown, certain variables, such as prolonged constipation-related straining, chronic coughing, and pregnancy, to contribute to the formation of haemorrhoids.

  • For piles surgery with us, patients coming from all areas of Ahmedabad Gujarat In Ahmedabad, Dr. Bharat Shah is well-known for performing piles. He is the most experienced piles specialist in Ahmedabad, and he offers low-cost operations and practically painless piles therapy.
  • Piles is a condition that so many people believe they can treat themselves at home. They would experiment with various tablets from their neighbourhood chemists or diet control cream. Patients continue to put off getting the right treatment since it causes them a certain amount of suffering. In actuality, piles affect more than population at some point, and waiting just makes their illnesses worse. Delays can worsen symptoms, make treatment more difficult, and occasionally raise your risk of getting further genital disorders like fissures and fistulas. Additionally, piles that have progressed to grades 3 and 4 can become excruciatingly painful and never be treated without surgery. So, I'll advise you to get treatment quickly.
  • Pristyn Care in Ahmedabad provides non-invasive, cutting-edge laser treatment for piles. The USFDA has approved and deemed completely safe the piles laser treatment utilised at Pristyn Care. Modern laser piles surgery effectively treats piles and does it without any discomfort. The treatment takes only approximately 30 minutes to perform, so the patient does not need to stay in the hospital overnight.
  • Swollen veins in the lowest area of your anus and rectum are known as hemorrhoid or piles.
  • One of the most typical causes of rectal bleeding is hemorrhoid.
  • Internal haemorrhoids are generally too deeply inside your rectum for you to see or feel them.
  • A small tear in the anal canal known an anal fissures develops when you pass large or hard faeces during a bowel movements. Anal fissure can results in intestinal bleeding and pain.

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Piles Specialist in Ahmedabad


Since the establishment of his practice in 1986, Dr. Bharat shah, the best gastric treatment Doctor in Ahmedabad. He has helped numerous individuals control and overcome their gastrointestinal problems with surgery. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1981 from the B J Medical College, Ahmedabad. He did his M.S from N.H.L Municipal College, Ahmedabad in 1986.