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What is the Appendix?

An appendix is something that sits in the lower right abdomen. It’s a small tube is four inches long. Appendicitis is a word for when your appendix becomes infected.

Typically, the inflammation is caused by a stool or a different object preventing access to the appendix. In some cases, it is caused by cancer. Appendicitis includes many symptoms, such as pain in the stomach, pain on your side, having the illness, feeling pain in the belly area which does not go away, etc.

In some cases, the pain felt depends on the situation of your organs. However, some people were born with their organs around the abdomen area shifted, known as situs inversus.

Most Common Symptoms of Appendix

1. Swollen belly

2. Can’t pass gas

3. Vomiting

4. Losing your appetite

5. Releasing pressure on the abdomen and feeling pain

6. Feeling nauseous

7. Urination pains

8. Feeling the chills

9. Gas buildup from the inability to release gas

10. Swelling in the abdomen area

11. Constipation

12. Pain in the back

13. Pain in the rectum

14. Lack of energy

15. Increase in pain when coughing, walking, or even moving

16. High fevers

Dr Bharat Shah - Best Appendicitis Doctor Around You

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of Appendix mentioned. It is very consult to your doctor around you. If it proves to be appendicitis, the potential for bursting is increasing quickly. The first primary signs which tend appendicitis normally include pain in the mid-belly around the belly button, and from there gently flows to the right side of the stomach. Immense pain occurs when walking, moving, or coughing.

Navkar Surgical Hospital is considered as one of the best Appendix surgery hospital nearby me in Ahmedabad. People come to us with the complaint of stomach pain and vomiting every year trying to find a doctor for Appendix treatment in Ahmedabad. Dr Bharat Shah is established name as best Appendix Doctor in Ahmedabad. Patients who got the surgery in Navkar Surgical Hospital, say that Dr. Bharat Shah is the top doctor for Appendix surgery.


Other symptoms normally follow, but as discussed earlier, it is hard to tell yourself whether it is appendicitis or some other situation. If it goes untreated, the appendix can break, causing massive appendix pain and allowing infected materials to flow inside the body. This situation can be different, so do not take it carefully or try to remove it with a new medicine. It is said that 1 out of 15 people have appendicitis, so it is not that rare and typically occurs between the ages of 10 to 30. The appendix occurs at any age.