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Navkar Surgical Hospital - Best Kidney Stone Hospital in Ahmedabad Near Me Gujarat, Kidney Stone Hospital in Ahmedabad. Find the best Top 10 Kidney Hospital in Ahmedabad. Navkar Surgical Hospital provides world-class treatment and healthcare services in Ahmedabad and the leading kidney specialist doctors in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Navkar Surgical Hospital offers the highest quality services and offers treatment to most diseases and medical problems with one of the highest success rates in Gujarat. Find Best Kidney Specialist in Ahmedabad, Nephrology | Best Doctor in Ahmedabad, List of Best Kidney Specialist in Ahmedabad, List of Best Kidney Hospital in Ahmedabad

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is often mentioned as the "silent killer," as many people have mild signs or no symptoms at all when they are diagnosed. The changes in lifestyle and food habits have made us spoil to several diseases that need a long treatment procedure or surgery. Damage to the kidneys is one that cannot be healed but has to be managed finally to manage the sign with proper prescription and slow down the development of the disease. In case of kidney failure, you have got to go in for dialysis and in extreme cases even consider kidney transplants.

Let us take a look at the Best Top 10 Kidney Treatment Hospitals in Ahmedabad:

1. Navkar Surgical Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

We are one of those hospitals which provide; specialized and routine surgical procedures and world class post-operative care. Dr. Bharat Shah is the founder and senior Kidney Specialist(Nephrologist) in Ahmedabad. Gastro-intestinal surgeon of Navkar Surgical Hospital Usmanpura. He is one of the best Gastro-intestinal doctors and a celebrated name for G.I surgeries in Ahmedabad. He has rich experience of 32 years near me and has performed many complex surgeries.


Address: 3-A, near State Bank of Patiala, Vikramnagar Society, Shanti Nagar, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380013

Phone: 079 2755 2700